In Los Gallombares, each of our partners are key to the success of the business.


There is always room for improvement and here each of us share the same values, in particular, the farmers commitment to the cooperative. We have established a loyalty link with the farmers, so that they always feel comfortable when working with us, highlighting their motivation towards our values and working philosophy.

Our farmers are aware, from the very beginning, of the responsibility of being environmentally- friendly, something they always practice in their own lands.

These values are key when growing our appreciated Green asparagus, where the care for the picking process as well as the handling of the product until the customer buys it, is carefully controlled and studied to get the best result at any time.

The control of the product reception at the warehouse is always done by our partners, our tight-knit family, as the cooperative has full confidence in them as our values have been taught in such a way that they always comply with requirements for the future product handling in the warehouse.